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Fun Facts About Air Conditioners | Air Force Heating and Air

Air conditioners; they’re excellent amenities, aren’t they? These modern contraptions create the perfect haven at home when it is hot and muggy outside in LaGrange, GA. They provide that cooling air we so desperately desire during those summer months. But where did it all start and how is it that we get to enjoy such cooling luxuries today? 

Being the passionate air conditioning repair experts that we are, we at Air Force Heating and Air enjoy sharing the history and background of air conditioning systems. In this article, we will go over some fun facts about air conditioners in the hope to exude our enthusiasm for this wonderful subject. 

The Official Definition of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is formally defined as a system that controls the humidity and temperature levels inside any enclosed room, home, or office. Most air conditioners as we know them today provide central cooling and heating that enhance your home’s comfort levels throughout the year. 

In most American homes, ACs have become an essential amenity that helps make the living conditions in many parts of the country all that better. Whether you use air conditioning in LaGrange, Georgia, Florida, Texas, or California, you will get good use of the wonderful science provided behind this conditioning unit. 

The Purpose of the First Modern AC Was…

According to the Department of Energy, the initial investigations on how to cool a space began by a doctor named John Gorrie. Dr. Gorrie was most concerned about the recovery process for his patients, who he believed would fare much better if their rooms were cool in his Florida hospital. 

This first-ever version of an air conditioning unit known to America was an icemaker compressor that was powered by horse, water, and wind-powered sails. Now, aren’t we glad that science has advanced so much that we don’t need a horse to power our air conditioning units in LaGrange? That would have been quite the sight to bare. 

This U.S. President was the First to Request an AC Unit

President Herbert Hoover was the first U.S. president to request an AC unit be installed in the White House. Until then, the staff and the current residents of the White House put up with the heat and relied on whatever breeze came through to cool things down. And if we know anything about Washington D.C., it’s that it gets just as hot and humid as it does in Georgia during the summer months. In fact, we know many fellow Georgians who refuse to live without air conditioning in LaGrange. 

People Used to Use THIS to Keep Cool Before ACs 

It took a long time for air conditioning units to make it to the scene, and we must admit that we’re pretty happy that they made it for our lifetime. Prior to the era of air conditioning, people used all sorts of creative methods to stay cool. 

For example, ancient Egyptians hung cool, damp sheets that would catch the breeze and flutter and send a bit of cool air into the home. Many people used bricks to build their homes as well, as they have a natural tendency to stay cool. 

Homeowners made sure to plant many trees around their homes and structure their homes away from the sun. Of course, there were also electric fans in the more modern times as well. These meager attempts to stay cool, make us be grateful for modern conveniences like air conditioning. Prior to ACs becoming affordable to American homes, Americans would frequently hang out in movie theaters to get a reprieve from the heat. 

Leading Air Conditioning Repair in LaGrange, GA

With these facts about ACs in mind, it’s hard not to think about your own air conditioning needs, right? If your home’s unit is in need of repair or maintenance, contact Air Force Heating and Air today to get high-quality repair services for your AC. We are available for any and all repair services, including emergencies. Call us at (706) 403-4398 .

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