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Five Points is one of the finest cities to live in Alabama, but it is made even better with quality HVAC experts like Air Force Heating and Air. When indoor air quality becomes a concern, there is nobody better in town to help than Air Force.

Our IAQ Products Include

We provide a handful of innovative products that are designed to enhance and improve the quality of the air you breathe at home. You can count on us to provide you with high-quality installations for the following products:

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers draw in air through a filter and clean it of any smoke, dander, dust, and odor. The air cleaners are equipped with technologies like UV-C light or ionizers that remove these pollutants and improve air quality. With air purifiers such as these, your home will have pleasant and healthy air quality for all household members.

Air Filters

We also offer air filters that catch dust, odors, and debris to keep them out of the air and allow you to breathe clean, healthy air. These air filters are made with the latest innovations that will ensure the safest indoor air quality and the most efficient rates for your AC.


Ventilators help keep the air circulating through the home, keeping mugginess or stuffiness to a minimum. This will also help keep odors out of the house. The ventilators we offer are from some of the leading manufacturers in the nation, ensuring smooth and healthy air circulation throughout the home.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms are essential equipment that are made with sensors to pick up carbon monoxide leaks. This alarm can help save a life and prevent severe health complications in the event of such a leak.

Most Common Pollutants

Pollutants that hurt our air quality come in various forms, but the most common ones include: 


Mildew spreads in the home physically, as fungi, and in the form of an odor. Mildew is hazardous and can cause respiratory issues and migraines if not eliminated promptly.


Large quantities of dust can lead to asthma, allergies, and other complications with the upper respiratory system. The older your AC unit is, the more dust will accumulate in the home, necessitating an eventual replacement. However, our range of IAQ products will help you keep the dust levels in your home to a minimum.

Pet Dander

If you have pets in the home, their dander can also harm your indoor air quality and cause more frequent instances of allergies and asthma. For this reason, air filters and ventilators are essential in a home with pets.


Mold appears in black, green, or blue fuzzy patches that spread quickly throughout the home. It eats away at floors, walls, and furniture and can cause many health issues if not dealt with in time.

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