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All Lanett residents know exactly what the summers are like here in Alabama. They are terribly hot and incredibly humid. We all rely heavily on our home’s heating and cooling systems to keep us comfortable throughout the year. If your HVAC goes down, it’s imperative that you have an honest and trustworthy service provider on speed dial. Air Force Heating and Air serve the entire Lanett area and therefore we’ll make sure your HVAC stays in tip-top shape. We are your local choice for heating and air services in Lanett, AL, and the surrounding areas.

When you work with Air Force Heating and Air, you can rest assured that you’re working with the best in the business. All our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured and each of them has obtained a NATE certification. We are accustomed to working on all HVAC systems, regardless of the make or model. Repair estimates are completely free, and we’re available anytime day or night. Contact us today to schedule a repair appointment with an Air Force Heating and Air technician.

Heating and Air Repairs in Lanett, AL

Your friends at Air Force Heating and Air encourage you to reach out to us if there’s any kind of issue with your system. It’s always better to call and have an issue addressed while it is still small. Anytime you suspect there’s an issue, contact us. We can come out, thoroughly assess your system, and also provide a repair estimate if needed.

We fully understand that many homeowners might not know the signs of a faulty or failing heating and cooling system. The list below includes some of the most common signs that you should look out for. Therefore if any of these sounds familiar, go ahead and give us a call. When it comes to your heating and cooling system, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Homeowner HVAC Issues Lanett, GA

Air Force Heating and Air consistently delivers reliable HVAC services to our friends and neighbors in Lanett. No problem is too big or too small, and we look forward to taking care of you and your family. Contact us today for a free repair estimate

A Leaky System.

If your heating and cooling system ever leaks, professional HVAC technicians, need to examine your system. Many different things can cause your system to leak and therefore we can hone in on the issue quickly.

A Noisy System.

Strange or new noises should never be ignored. Some noises can indicate a major system failure and it’s always best to have a trained technician take a look.

Strange Smells.

Strange smells also shouldn’t be ignored. Some smells, like mold or mildew, usually mean you need to have your ducts cleaned. Other smells, however, like burning often indicate a more serious issue. If your HVAC ever starts to emit strange smells, contact us right away.

Lack of Airflow.

Sometimes, a faulty heating and cooling system will send less air through your ducts. If it suddenly seems like you have reduced airflow coming from your vents, schedule a service call.

Increased Humidity.

Alabama summers are both hot and humid – your AC should be able to handle both. If your system can’t keep humidity levels in check, contact Air Force Heating and Air. We can provide you with the solutions you need to stay comfortable.

High Bills.

Another key indication that your heating and cooling system needs to be serviced is if your energy bills go up for no apparent reason. Faulty ACs and heaters will use more energy to perform their usual tasks and this will be reflected on your monthly bills. If you notice a steady (or sharp) increase in your energy usage, schedule an HVAC service call. We can deliver the repairs you need to keep your HVAC running efficiently.

Lanett HVAC Services

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