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The air conditioning unit is an indispensable amenity in our homes, providing us with year-round comfort, safety, and coolness. Given its tremendous value, it’s imperative that you seek only the best services for your AC. Whether you need an AC replacement, repair, or a simple maintenance tune-up, Airforce Heating and Air is your one-stop shop for all HVAC needs. We offer a team of highly qualified and skilled technicians who provide prompt and reliable HVAC system services. Trust us to deliver the highest quality solutions that cater to your air conditioning needs.

Signs You Need HVAC Repair

Insufficient Heating or Cooling Temps

Inconsistent or poor-quality heating and cooling temperatures are a definite sign of repair. It is often caused by clogged air filters, leaky air ducts, and inadequate refrigerant fluid levels. If this problem goes on without being addressed, the entire unit will wear out faster than usual.

No Airflow

No airflow is the result of clogged air filters or issues with the refrigerant coils. These issues will require investigation and repair by HVAC service technicians

Noisy System

If you hear odd sounds like humming, screeching, or whistling coming from the air conditioning unit, you should call Airforce Heating and Air to have a technician repair the underlying problem before it gets worse.

Burning or Alarming Odor

Sometimes a faulty HVAC system develops musty or muggy odors which are a sign that it needs to be cleaned. However, if you smell a burning odor, shut off the unit immediately and call a repair technician as soon as possible. That burning smell may be an indication of a fire within the unit and if it goes on without being addressed, the fire will spread to the rest of the house.

Heating & Cooling Services

The range of services we offer allows you to stay comfortable throughout the year by repairing and enhancing the performance of your air conditioner.

AC Repair

Whether your AC repair issue is big or small, Airforce Heating and Air will get your unit back in order in no time. Nothing is too great of a challenge for our highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Heat Pump Installation

Are you considering installing a heat pump on your property? Heat pumps provide a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way to provide optimal temperatures inside the home. Here is a brief overview of the benefits offered by heat pumps:

Energy efficiency
Cost savings on energy bills
The versatility of use for both heating and cooling
Environmentally friendly
Improved indoor air quality

HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary for an air conditioning unit to operate efficiently. We will provide you with thorough maintenance services so you can enjoy the smooth and comfortable operation of your AC for many years to come. 

AC Replacement

Is your home in need of a new air conditioner? For such a large investment, you should only hire the most skilled and reputable installers who will ensure a long-lasting, quality installation in your home. To make your AC replacement more affordable, ask us about tax credits, rebates, and financing options.

Contact Air Force Today

If you’re in need of AC servicing, Airforce Heating, and Air is the solution you’re looking for. Our team provides professional and state-of-the-art services that will help you achieve the level of comfort you desire. Contact us today at (706) 584-2656 to schedule a visit.

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