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The air conditioning unit is the indispensable cooling system in our homes, providing us with that heating air effect when it’s cold outside and cold air when it’s hot outside. Because air conditioning systems are in high demand in Lee Country, it is important that have access only to the most superior service from one of the best HVAC companies in the area.

Whether you need an air conditioning installation, AC repair, or maintenance services, Air Force Heating and Air is your one-stop shop for all HVAC needs. When you get in touch with our excellent customer service team, they will put out in touch with a highly qualified and skilled HVAC contractor from our team who will deliver exceptional service for all HVAC system needs.

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Removes Odors

Sometimes air ducts accumulate dust and debris that contribute to poor odors throughout the home. A thorough duct cleaning service will help remove that odor and provide you with a more comfortable home environment.

Increase HVAC Efficiency

The condition of your ductwork plays an instrumental role in the efficiency of your HVAC unit. If it contains large amounts of dust and debris, the air won’t flow through properly and will cause the compressor to work harder than necessary. Cleaning your air ducts will prevent this problem and help you maintain great efficiency and low energy bills.

When You Need Air Conditioner Repair Opelika, AL

AC System Running Inconsistently

Are you not getting the adequate amount of heat or coolness delivered by your air conditioning unit? This problem indicates that it may be time to call an HVAC company that will see to your repair needs.

Inconsistent AC system function is often caused by clogged air filters, leaky air ducts, and low refrigerant fluid levels. We encourage you to place a service call to have our certified HVAC technician deliver that superior service to restore the HVAC unit to normal.

No Airflow

No airflow is the result of clogged air filters or issues like leaks in the refrigerant coils. These issues will require investigation and repair by HVAC service technicians. Trust us for a dependable service that will ensure a quality repair service efficiently and professionally.

Noisy System

Odd sounds like humming, screeching, or whistling from the air conditioning system may cause you to be annoyed and uncomfortable. Regardless of the sound, our expert HVAC technicians will help determine the source of the noise quickly (sometimes in less than an hour) and repair it.

So, if you hear that annoying screeching sound from your HVAC equipment, you should call Air Force Heating and Air to have a technician repair the underlying problem before it worsens.

Burning or Foul Odor

Sometimes a faulty HVAC system develops musty or muggy odors. These odors are a sign that your HVAC needs to be cleaned. Clogged air filters, air ducts, or other faulty components are required However, if you smell a burning odor, shut off the unit immediately and call a repair technician as soon as possible. That burning smell may be an indication of a fire within the unit and if it goes on without being addressed, the fire will spread to the rest of the house.

Superior Service for Your Air Conditioning System

Our range of quality service options allows you to stay comfortable throughout the year by repairing and enhancing the performance of your air conditioner. Our HVAC company is home to some of the best and most skilled certified HVAC technicians in all of East Alabama.

AC Repair

Whether your AC repair issue is big or small, Air Force Heating and Air will get your unit back in order in no time. Nothing is too great of a challenge for our highly skilled and experienced technicians. Whether you need emergency services in Opelika, AL, or a routine repair, Air Force has you covered.

Heat Pump Installation

Are you considering installing a heat pump on your property? Heat pumps are a unique and more recent development in the heating and air industry. Using geothermal heat extracted from the earth, the heat pump will keep your home comfortable without using fossil fuels or harming the planet.

When you invest in a heat pump, you benefit from increased energy efficiency levels in your HVAC unit, decreased energy bills, a dual heating and cooling system, and improved indoor air quality in your home. If you're interested in heat pump installation services, call our great customer service line today to set up an appointment for your estimate.

HVAC Tune Ups and Maintenance Services In Opelika, AL

Regular maintenance is necessary for an air conditioning unit to remain energy efficient and optimal in its function. We will provide you with thorough tune ups so you can enjoy the comfort provided by your HVAC equipment for many years. HVAC units benefit from regular maintenance services because they will then require fewer repairs, they won't require to be replaced by a new installation and will produce healthy indoor air quality for your family.

HVAC Unit Replacement

Are you not getting what you need out of your old heating system or old AC unit? Perhaps it is time for a new installation of your air conditioning system! Contact one of our HVAC contractors for a thorough assessment of your HVAC system to understand your options.

Air Force Heating and Air is known for delivering great service at a reasonable price for all East Alabama residents. We will set you up with a new unit, providing a fantastic job with the utmost respect for you and your family members.

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