Is it time for a Furnace Replacement

Furnace Replacement –LaGrange, GA It’s Columbus Day in LaGrange, Georgia and Airforce Heating and Air want to celebrate by bringing you savings with a new Carrier Infinity gas furnace. Airforce Heating and Air are your LaGrange, Georgia Carrier dealer. Gas furnaces offer so many benefits including cost savings and now is the perfect time to have a gas furnace replacement. With the Carrier Infinity gas furnace, you get unbeatable performance with the Carrier backing. If you are experiencing constant breakdowns, an increase in energy bills, inconsistent temperatures, or would need a new install Airforce Heating and Air is the company you need. Now through the end of October, we have a spectacular deal on the Carrier Infinity gas furnaces. We offer free estimates and will also  help you find the perfect Carrier Infinity furnace that meets your home comfort needs. Benefits of Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace Replacement –LaGrange, GA Airforce Heating and Air want you to [...]

Do you need Ultraviolet Lights?

Ultraviolet Lights –LaGrange, GA Air filtration systems, air purification systems, and also air ventilator systems are all great products that provide good indoor air quality. But they only work when your heating and cooling system is on. Airforce Heating and Air has a different option for you that starts in your HVAC unit. An ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet lights are a special type of lamp that disrupt and also inactivate the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other particulates in your HVAC system. This lamp will not only keep your HVAC system clean; but will also provide good indoor air quality in your home. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental dangers. This means that your indoor air quality is important and it’s also vital that you protect your home and your loved ones. Airforce Heating and Air has a great deal going on throughout the month [...]

Looking for Healthy Home Solutions?

AirForce Heating and Air –LaGrange, GA Are you tired of constantly running your fan to rid your home of odors? Is your HVAC system running on over-drive during the hot summer months just to try to keep up with demand; and remove moisture from your home? Do you ever have continuous headaches or sneezing and watery eyes? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you are in need of the Carrier Healthy Home Solutions. We are AirForce Heating and Air your Carrier factory authorized dealer. Your one-stop shop for all things heating, cooling and also good air quality related. Healthy Home Solutions consists of air purifiers, carbon monoxide alarms, UV germicidal lamps, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and also ventilators. But don’t be fooled healthy home solutions is not a one size fits all. AirForce Heating and Air offers a free estimate .Our factory authorized and trained installers will find your healthy home solution based on [...]

Take Control of your Home

Carrier Infinity System Home Control –LaGrange, GA It’s summertime in LaGrange, Georgia and as you leave your home to celebrate the 4th of July, Airforce Heating and Air wants to help ensure your comfort. We want to give you peace of mind with the Carrier Infinity System Control. Airforce Heating and Air is your LaGrange, Georgia Carrier factory authorized team and go-to for all things heating and cooling. We are proud to be Carrier factory authorized dealers. We are also proud to bring you the Infinity System Control. The Infinity System Control offers customized comfort, flexible programming, zoned ventilation settings, and also much more. This total indoor comfort system takes the worry out of your heating, cooling, air purification, and also your ventilation needs; by synchronizing all of your indoor air units to one remote system. The Infinity System Control with wireless access and also available zoning is designed with your comfort in mind. Now through [...]

How Clean is the Indoor Air in your Home?

Indoor Air Purifier Filtration System –LaGrange, GA It’s June in LaGrange Georgia and the summer fun has just begun! But, if your home has an odor, is excessively dusty, has humidity problems or your family is also constantly sick you could be experiencing bad indoor air quality. Airforce Heating and Air is here to help, with the Carrier Infinity air purifier system! Airforce Heating and Air is your Carrier factory authorized dealer and also your LaGrange heating, cooling, and indoor air team. Did you know that your air conditioning and heating system is the only means of ventilating your home or office? Without the proper filtration, your home or office could become an infestation of germs, viruses, pollen, and also other pollutants. Don’t leave your indoor air quality to chance, contact us Airforce Heating and Air today! We are committed to making sure your indoor air is free of particulates that could become hazardous to your [...]

Fan Energy Ratings

New Government-Mandated Fan Energy Ratings –LaGrangeSpring season is in full swing, as we gear up for summer Airforce Heating and Air wants you to be the first to experience the new Carrier HVAC system that has the new government-mandated fan energy ratings. That’s right the department of energy has created a new guideline that all furnace blower fan manufacturers have to follow and implement July 3, 2019. At Airforce Heating and Air, we have them now! We are proud to be your LaGrange, Georgia heating and air team and also your Carrier factory authorized dealer. We know when it comes to comfort in your home for your loved ones you want the best. That is why we always offer competitive pricing, reliable service and also guarantee your satisfaction. Our consumers become customers for life.At Airforce Heating and Air quality is our specialty, therefore from preventative maintenance to new installations and everything in between we are proud [...]

Heating Service Contractor – AirForce Heating and Air

Professional HVAC Service - Lagrange, GA AirForce Heating and Air is proud to be a heating contractor that serves the Lagrange, Ga and the surrounding areas. We have been a professional heating contractor that provides excellent service for many years. We know that in order to have the best company, you have to have the best people working for you. That is why we only hire the best employees in the heating and air business. We not only provide high technical competency, but we also provide the best customer service in the area. 5 Star Service - AirForce Heating and Air Call us today to see why our customers give us such high reviews and you will experience what a true professional heating contractor is. We provide great service with honest and also affordable pricing. Our goal is to be the only heating contractor you need for life. We are proud to be a part of [...]

Reasons for a Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair - Lagrange, GA If you are in need of a heat pump repair Air Force Heating and Air is the HVAC company to call in Lagrange, GA. Our dedicated and professional team of trained technicians are friendly, dependable and honest. We are able to repair all makes and models of heat pump systems. Therefore don't go another day without your system running as it should, call us for your heat pump repair today. Heat Pumps in Lagrange, GA are known to be efficient, practical, convenient and environmentally friendly. But when your heat pump is in need of a repair, it can be unsettling. Air Force Heating and Air knows the importance of your heat pump. Not only does it provide heating, cooling, good air quality for your family; it also gives you peace of mind when cooler weather is near. If your heat pump is not able to keep up, sounding louder than [...]

Should I Replace My HVAC System?

New Air Conditioning and Heating System Installation or Replacement -LaGrange Are you in need of a new air conditioning installation or replacement? Have you have owned your system longer than 10 years?Are you experiencing frequent breakdowns or also inconsistent temperatures? DONT wait! Contact Air Force Heating and Air today! We have a great deal going on throughout the month of March. You will love the Carrier new Evolution heating and air conditioning system. Air Force Heating and Air is your LaGrange Georgia heating and air team. And also your go to for all things heating and cooling related. Not sure, you need a new air conditioning installation or replacement call us. Our factory authorized and also certified technicians will be happy to come to your home and give you a FREE estimate. We never recommend a new system unless its need and also always guarantee 100% customer service. Don’t delay read on and see how you [...]

Is a Ductless System Right for My Home?

Ductless Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Systems –LaGrange, GA Are you wanting to Go Green in your home or office while saving some green? Airforce Heating and Air have the solution for you with a new Carrier ductless air conditioning system! A ductless comfort system saves you energy, lowers your carbon footprint and also reduces your utility bills. It offers flexibility and versatility in each room. At Airforce Heating and Air, we have the best installers in LaGrange who will walk you through the entire selection process. We offer a free estimate and also always guarantee 100% customer service. Take advantage of our Earth Day special this April on a Carrier ductless air conditioning or heat pump system. Reasons for a Ductless System –LaGrange A ductless system consists of an indoor wall mounted unit and also an outdoor compressor. It operates on less power than a traditional air conditioning and heating system and is controlled room [...]