HVAC Zone System

What is HVAC Zoning? Many homes have more than one level or several large areas served by the same heating and air conditioning system. When this occurs, it becomes hard for the unit to maintain temperature.  The unit is only going to truly maintain the temperature of the area immediately surrounding the thermostat. When you have a multi-floor home, hot air will rise, and cold air will fall. This means that the floor that has the thermostat will be at the right temperature, the upstairs will be hotter, and the basement will be cooler. Not much you can do to reverse physics.  An HVAC Zone System will help keep all of the areas at the correct temperature. Should I add HVAC Zoning to my home? But you can use zoning to make that one heating and air conditioning system act like 2 or more independent systems. Zoning uses multiple thermostats, a control board, and motorized duct [...]

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Cracked Heat Exchanger

What is a Heat Exchanger? Many homeowners have limited knowledge of the many components of a home comfort system.  Most of the time it is limited to changing a filter, lighting the pilot light, and changing batteries in a thermostat.  When it comes to bigger things like the heat exchanger on your furnace, it is best to leave that to the experts here at Airforce Heating & Air. One thing you don’t want to mess with is your home comfort system’s gas furnace.  It’s a good idea to let the experts handle any issues that arise with a gas furnace.  One such issue that could arise is a cracked heat exchanger.  A heat exchanger allows heat to move from one type of matter to another without them interacting.  By simply crossing paths they can exchange heat. In the case of a gas furnace, natural gas, propane, or heating oil is burned, and that results in heating [...]

Heat Pump Advantages

A Heat Pump will keep your home comfortable year-round A heat pump is an ideal choice for bringing comfort to your home through an electric energy source instead of gas. Your home is ensured to be warmed during our upcoming cold winter months and cooled during those hot summer months. This energy-efficient alternative is ideal for climates like ours that have moderate heating and cooling needs. With over a decade in the air conditioning heating industry, Airforce Heating and Air can help design the plan to give you the comfortable and cozy home environment you desire. What are my heat pump options at Airforce Heating and Air? At Airforce Heating and Air, we proudly offer air conditioning and heating products by Carrier. We recommend Carrier Heating and Air Products for your home because it is also what we would put in ours. Our first option features the Infinity Greenspeed Series which takes comfort and technology to [...]

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Thermostat Upgrade Benefits

Looking for a smart thermostat upgrade? One of the most popular upgrades in the HVAC world is a programmable thermostat. We live in a society full of smart phones, smart tablets, and also smart cars. It only makes sense that smart thermostats are making a debut. Many question the need for a smart thermostat when their old one is working just fine. Installing a programmable thermostat in your home comes with many benefits that can take your home’s comfort to the next level. Airforce Heating and Air has extensive experience in HVAC and also recommends the smart thermostat upgrade to their customers for a variety of reasons. How will my home benefit from a thermostat upgrade? Here at Airforce Heating and Air, we prioritize your family’s happiness with our HVAC service. We would not recommend a product without so many benefits and home improvements that it provides. Energy: The smart thermostat’s number one advantage is its [...]

Is Humidity Control Killing Your Comfort?

Don't Let Humidity Control Kill Your Home Comfort? One of the least talked about but most important aspects of your comfort is humidity control. The summer humidity is way too high in our area, and the winter humidity is too low. Humidity can cause all kinds of trouble when it is high and when it is low. The solution is to maintain your humidity levels between 35-45% year-round. Let's look at how this humidity affects your home, your health, and ultimately your comfort. Humidity Swings Some things are occurring in your home that you may not realize are caused by humidity swings. The first is as humidity rises in the summer, all the building materials and furnishings in your home absorb this moisture. This causes wood, hardwood floors, picture frames, trim and more to swell as it absorbs the excess moisture. As the humidity falls in the winter, all the wood, hardwood floors, picture frames, trim [...]

Not on a Maintenance Plan?

Should You Be On A Maintenance Plan? Finally, the summer is wrapping up and sooner or later we will see some fall weather coming to Lagrange and the surrounding areas. That means your air conditioner has done its job, and it’s time for the heater to step up! Keeping your family comfortable in your home has always been our number one priority. If you have a maintenance plan with us, now is the time to call and schedule your next visit. If you do not have a maintenance plan, call AirForce Heating and Air today to learn more about our maintenance offers and yearly services. Maintaining your air conditioner and heater is for when you don’t have any issues but want to prevent issues before the season begins. Maintenance keeps your system on its toes and ready for the change in weather outside. Benefits of Fall Maintenance Do you seem to have an issue with your [...]

Heating and Cooling Replacements

HVAC Replacements - LaGrange, GA The people of LaGrange know just how important it is to make sure our HVAC systems are running at their highest capacity all year long. Whether it is during hot summer months, or cool Georgia winters, your HVAC system should be able to provide home comfort. If you are experiencing issues with your unit, it may be time for a replacement. Airforce Heating and Air will exhaust every option before recommending a full system replacement, but sometimes that is the only beneficial solution. It might be hard for you to tell what requires simple maintenance work versus a total replacement. Your friends at Airforce Heating and Air can provide you with the answers you need. Visit our website or give us a call today to get answers to all of your HVAC questions. The professionals here at Airforce Heating and Air are equipped and ready to tackle all your heating and [...]

Comfort Problems

Comfort Problems Your home is too hot in the spring and summer. Ahh. The first, most natural thought is that, obviously, there is something wrong with your air conditioner. At Airforce Heating and Air, we take your home comfort seriously. Except, maybe not. It might be that your system is working perfectly. Humming away as it performs its humble job day in and day out. But it might also be that the pesky issue is being caused by something twisting and turning behind your walls. A monster hiding out of sight. Not a literal monster, fortunately, but a problem in your ductwork. The good news is that this, while less exciting than an otherworldly creature hiding in your home, is significantly easier to deal with. Home Comfort - Lagrange, GA Most people picture ductwork as a few tunnels burrowed away in a home. However, ductwork is, in actuality, much more than that: It’s a finely tuned [...]

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Financing Options for You

Airforce Heating and Air pride ourselves on providing the best service to our customers. With that standard comes financing options that allow you to pick the best option for your situation. We recognize that investing in a new heating and air conditioning unit can be a hefty bill, and we provide HVAC financing options so that you don’t have to settle. Benefits of HVAC Financing Many consumers are opting for financing to pay for their new air conditioning and heating systems. When you finance, you have the option of selecting a high-efficiency system. High-efficiency air cooling and heating systems are more expensive than the usual lower-tier air conditioning and heating equipment. Choosing a high-efficiency system improves your comfort, is better for the environment and lowers your monthly energy expenditures. The monthly savings concur through a higher efficiency system often cover the monthly finance payment. You will continue to save money on your monthly energy costs after [...]

HVAC Repair

Airforce Heating and Air Provides High-Quality HVAC Repair The Georgia summer heat is on our heels therefore your air conditioning unit needs to be in tip-top shape to keep up. If you are having any sort of problem with your HVAC unit, Airforce Heating and Air can get it fixed in no time. We offer HVAC repair on all makes and models of heating and air conditioning equipment.  In addition, we employ the highest trained and factory-authorized technicians to service your units. Signs to Look for That Could Indicate Problems with Your AC System: Increase in energy bill: A broken HVAC system will cause your energy bill to increase. This is because your system will have to work harder to produce less. Consistent breakdowns: Constantly needing service work done. This is a strong indicator that your unit is at the end of its lifetime. Excess dust or humidity: If you have noticed an increase in either [...]

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