Reasons to Open Doors and Windows

Benefits of Opening Doors and Windows on HVAC Systems

It is not a secret that the weather right now in Georgia is pretty cold. We often find ourselves rushing from the car into our homes, which is a warm haven away from the cold. During the crisp fall seasons and chilly winters, it is common to want to crank up the heat and even get the fireplace going. And though this can be a very cozy way to spend an evening, the indoor air quality in your home may falter if you aren’t careful about letting in some fresh air.

Fresh air is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. More specifically, we will talk about the importance of occasionally opening doors and windows throughout the winter months to let the fresh air in. Read on to learn why opening doors and windows benefit your home, your health, and the frequency of AC repairs in Newnan, GA.

Ventilate Your Home

There is nothing like a gust of fresh, cool air to come wafting into the home to relieve it from the stuffiness. And stuffiness is very common during the winter months when you spend days powering the heating system or fireplace to keep yourself in your household warm. as the HVAC system works, it will accumulate dust and debris and circulate it through your home, causing the air to become stuffy and even muggy. 

Opening the doors and windows will let the fresh outdoor air inside and ventilate your home. The extra dose of oxygen will help eliminate the stuffiness and improve indoor air quality. So, we encourage you to open your doors and windows today. It could be during the sunny afternoon when the air is slightly warmer from the sun’s rays. 

Bonus tip: Consider checking those air filters to ensure that they are clean. If letting the outdoor air in and changing air filters does not improve your air quality, you may need to call a local AC repair tech in Newnan, GA, for help. 

Save on Energy Costs

Opening your doors and windows will also ensure you keep your energy costs as low as possible. In today’s economy, extra energy adds to the financial stress that many are facing. Because opening the doors and windows necessitates turning off the HVAC unit, you will give your wallet a break from paying extra on energy bills. 

On the flip side, you may feel like your energy bills are excessive, but you are not getting an appropriate amount of heat in your home. This indicates a problem with the efficiency of your heating unit. If that is the case, then it may be time for a visit from a local heating and AC repair tech in Newman, GA.

Give Your HVAC System a Break

Believe it or not, your heating and air conditioning unit does require an occasional break. It is tempting to keep the heater going all day long throughout the winter season, but that is what will contribute to its wear and tear. An occasional break will allow it to rest And preserve its lifespan. Not only will opening doors and windows save you money on energy costs, but also on AC repairs in Newnan, GA. 

Better Your Mood

Fresh air coming in from the outside is full of oxygen that will instantly boost your mood. When you spend a prolonged period of time inside with the heat on, the stuffiness can adversely affect your mood because you are not getting the oxygen required to thrive. That fresh air from the inside will freshen your mind and spirit and put a smile on your face.

By the way, do you know when your indoor air quality was last tested? Check out our blog and read about the important benefits of good indoor air quality

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