Helping you maintain healthy indoor air quality for your home or business is one part offering you the products that can help you clear allergens and pollutants from the air in your living or work space and one part diligently ensuring that the repair and maintenance work we do on your HVAC system includes testing for healthy air quality.

Global Plasma Solutions – In Home Virus Protection

How can you protect the air in your home from viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens? Ionization.

Ionization technology works to safely clean the air inside industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The patented
technology uses an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of + and – ions. As these ions
travel with the airstream they attach to particles, pathogens and gas molecules. The ions help to agglomerate fine submicron particles, making them filterable. The ions kill pathogens by robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen. The ions produced travel within the air stream into the occupied spaces, cleaning the air everywhere the ions
travel, even in spaces unseen.

We offer affordable ionization products that can very easily be installed in your current system to help protect you and your family from harmful airborne pathogens. For most systems, this unit can be installed in little as 45 minutes!

For more information about this product and pricing, please click here or call the office to speak with an indoor air quality expert.

Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners

As part of our commitment to healthy indoor air quality, we offer a selection of highly efficient Carrier-brand air quality control solutions, including the following products:

  • Air purifiers – capture and kill bacteria, viruses, and mold, creating purer indoor air
  • Air filters – trap air pollutants, such as dust, smoke, pollen, and other particulate matter, removing them from the air
  • Energy-recovery ventilators – draw fresh air inside and push polluted air outside, without losing cooling power during the cooling season
  • Heat-recovery ventilators – force stale air and pollutants outside, while keeping indoor air fresh and warm during the heating season
  • UV lamps – destroy germs, including bacteria and mold on indoor HVAC Coils
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms – detect CO levels and sound an alert when dangerous levels are reached
  • Humidifiers – add moisture to dry indoor air, removing dust and allergens and making breathing easier

Air purifiers and other indoor air solutions enhance comfort and breathability while creating a safer, healthier indoor environment. As a factory-authorized Carrier dealer, Airforce Heating and Air also feature Carrier-brand air purifiers, as well as HVAC systems that provide energy efficiency and precision performance to help maximize air quality inside your home or commercial structure.

Indoor Air Quality Services

We also offer a variety of cleaning, testing, monitoring, and equipment maintenance services to ensure that your residential or commercial indoor air quality stays within a healthy range. These services work well in conjunction with air purifiers and other indoor air-processing equipment and include the following health-enhancing, air-quality boosting offerings:

  • Furnace cleaning
  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • HVAC system tune-ups
  • Other HVAC system maintenance
  • Energy Audits
  • Indoor air quality testing, monitoring, and evaluations

At Airforce Heating and Air, we don’t simply sell air purifiers; we make indoor air quality an integral part of our business.

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