How Clean is the Indoor Air in your Home?

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Indoor Air Purifier Filtration System –LaGrange, GA

It’s June in LaGrange Georgia and the summer fun has just begun! But, if your home has an odor, is excessively dusty, has humidity problems or your family is also constantly sick you may not have clean indoor air. Air Force Heating and Air is here to help, with the Carrier Infinity air purifier system! Air Force Heating and Air is your Carrier factory authorized dealer and also your LaGrange heating, cooling, and indoor air team. Did you know that your air conditioning and heating system is the only means of ventilating your home or office? Without the proper filtration, your home or office could become an infestation of germs, viruses, pollen, and also other pollutants.

Don’t leave your clean indoor air quality to chance. Contact us Air Force Heating and Air today! We are committed to making sure your indoor air is free of particulates that could become hazardous to your health.

Benefits of Infinity Air Filtration System –LaGrange, GA

At Air Force Heating and Air, we are proud to be Carrier factory authorized dealers and also proud to offer the Carrier Infinity air purifier. We know that customer service is only as good as the products we use. With the Infinity Air Purifier, you will receive numerous benefits like:

– Air cleaning and solution at MERV 15
– Carrier Patented Capture and Kill Technology
– Specially designed and charged Media Filter that will last for Months
– 99% Germicidal Rate
– Quiet Performance
– Precision Point Ionization
– 100% Air Filtration
– 10-Year Limited Warranty

An air filtration system would benefit ALL especially those who are; asthmatic, pet owners, allergen sufferers, tobacco users or also those wanting overall better health. With the Carrier Infinity air purifier from Air Force Heating and Air, you will experience better sleep, easier breathing, better moods, balanced humidity, and also peace of mind that the air your breath is healthy and clean.

Air Force Heating and Air, Air Filtration System –LaGrange, GA

Air Force Heating and Air has been serving LaGrange Georgia and also the surrounding areas for over a decade. Our factory authorized and trained technicians are dependable, honest, and also experienced. Our commitment to providing excellent heating and air services is our number one priority. We offer a free estimate and also a no credit check hassle-free financing option. When it comes to your indoor air quality make sure your home and office are safe from pollutants, dust, mold, and bacteria with the Carrier Infinity air purifier system. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Now is the time to take control of your indoor air quality. Contact Air Force Heating and Air today and schedule your new Infinity Air Purifier installation.

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