Common Problems With Heat Pumps

Common Problems With Heat Pumps

When choosing a heating system for a home, many homeowners choose heat pumps as their preferred heating device. Investing in one of these pumps will provide you with warmth and comfort in the winter months, and a cooling refuge during the heat of summer. The popularity of heat pumps has increased in recent years because they are efficient, provide optimal performance, and are efficient at heating and using energy. 

As convenient and popular as these appliances are, they do have infrequent nuances that would cause a homeowner to contact a local heater repair technician in Sharpsburg, GA for assistance. In this blog post, we will provide a few signs that point to a needed heat pump repair. 

Heat Mode Produces Cold

The first sign of a needed repair is when you set the HVAC system to heat the home, but it produces cold instead. The usual cause of this problem is a faulty thermostat or a dirty air filter. 

A refrigerant leak in your AC unit or a leak in your ducts could also affect the function of the heat pump.  Additionally, the heat pump won’t work properly if the outside unit is blocked. Heat pump repair specialists in Sharpsburg, GA will have to investigate the probability of these issues and help you restore your heating system back to order. 

The Heat Pump is Always Running

If your heat pump runs continuously, you may need to contact a repair tech for help. An uncalibrated or broken thermostat is normally the leading cause of this problem. If you have an incorrectly sized heat pump or dirty AC coils you will run into many heat pump repair issues. No matter what the issue is, you’ll need to get a heat pump repair in Sharpsburg, GA to fix it. If the heat pump will work continuously, it will wear out faster than necessary.

It Doesn’t Work At All

You may be wondering if it is time to contact a local heat pump contractor if find that it is not working at all. Usually, a repair tech will check for power loss issues or closed registers that block the pump’s ability to start. Your heat pump will also perform poorly if its air filters are dirty, or if its capacitors are faulty. 

The heat pump may also not turn on if there is a problem with the thermostat, such as an old battery. It is essential that a Sharpsburg, GA heat pump repair technician be on hand in order to assess the problem. 

Insufficient Cooling from the Heat Pump

It can be particularly frustrating when the heat pump doesn’t deliver the cooling temperatures required during hot summer days. This is one of those problems that will motivate you to contact a heat pump service quicker than in many other cases. 

One of the first things the technicians normally check for is the condition of the thermostat. Sometimes it isn’t calibrated and requires a professional adjustment. In other cases, a simple replacement of the battery will restore the appropriate heat pump functions. 

If the issue isn’t with the thermostat, the technician will check the condition of the reversing valve and refrigerant fluid levels, which directly impact the home’s temperatures. They will cause the system to struggle to cool the home if they are not in its best state. 

The way the heating pump was installed will also have a big impact on its long-term operation. If an inexperienced or unskilled technician provided you with these services, you will end up having to deal with way more heating pump issues than expected. 

What constitutes an emergency heating repair need? Find out by reading our blog. 

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