Common Georgia AC Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid in the Summer

AC Maintenance Mistakes in Georgia | Air Force Heating and Air

Air conditioning units are the staple amenity in each home, but especially when you live in a humid area like the state of Georgia. The AC is used fairly heavily throughout the summer months and because of that, it is important to keep the unit maintained in proper order. This ensures that your home is cooled efficiently and with consistent temperatures throughout the home. As the top AC repair techs in Columbus, GA, we want to provide you with a list of things you should avoid doing while maintaining your AC. 

Things NOT To Do In the Summer

Maintenance is important, but it is also important to do it correctly because it will help you maximize its lifespan and the comfort you get from it. Below, we will provide a list of items you should avoid doing along with the proper step to do instead. 

Neglecting Regular Filter Changes

Many homeowners commit the grave mistake of skipping air filter changes, which results in extra AC repairs in Columbus, GA. As the AC works, the air filters accumulate dust and debris that must be cleaned out at least every 4-6 weeks. During the summer months when AC usage is higher than ever, we recommend checking the filters every four weeks to ensure that the air produced by the AC is clean and flowing smoothly. 

Ignoring Thermostat Settings

Incorrect thermostat settings can lead to a waste of energy and extra strain on your AC unit. Set your thermostat to an appropriate temperature for your comfort, but avoid setting it too low, as it can result in excessive energy consumption and strain on the system. The ideal thermostat temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to go lower, try not to go lower than a ten degree range of the outdoor temperatures. 

Skipping Professional Maintenance

Summer is a busy time for all of us. After all, the kids are home from school and between the many summer activities, trips, and general relaxation, it is easy to skip or forget professional AC maintenance. However, skipping these services means skipping out on these benefits:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Cleaner air 
  • Consistent temperatures throughout the home
  • Increased lifespan
  • Better performance of the unit

To reap these benefits, make sure you schedule your maintenance visit with an AC repair tech in Columbus, GA soon. 

Closing Vents in Unused Rooms

In attempts to save energy, many people mistakenly think closing vents in rooms that aren’t being used will help their cause. This approach may have been useful in older units but modern HVAC systems are designed to maintain a specific balance of airflow throughout the house. This balance is disrupted when vents are closed, which puts a strain on the air compressor. Over time, the AC’s efficiency will decrease and result in a needless consumption of energy. The result will be opposite of what you wanted to achieve; with your home incurring higher energy bills and possible more AC repairs as the unit works to achieve a new balance. 

Overlooking Ductwork Inspection

Many people also overlook the importance of ductwork inspection, which can hurt the AC tremendously. Ductwork carries unfiltered air that is often full of dust and debris. The air filters clean that air out but leave the dust and debris within the ductwork. That accumulation must be cleared out periodically to ensure that your home has clean air and the AC is working efficiently. 

Also, ductwork is made of materials that develop cracks that cause inconsistent temperatures and inefficient AC operation. A ductwork inspection can help determine the need for a cleaning or sealing service that will prevent extra AC repairs in Columbus, GA. 

Running the AC Unit Excessively

It gets really muggy and hot in Georgia in the summer months and we understand that these weather conditions make everyone want to run the AC at all times. It is important to be mindful about your AC’s usage as excessive operation will cause it to wear out faster than usual. Make sure you give it a break at least every eight to ten hours. 

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