Is a Ductless System Right for My Home?

Ductless Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Systems –LaGrange, GA

Are you wanting to Go Green in your home or office while saving some green? Airforce Heating and Air have the solution for you with a new Carrier ductless air conditioning system! A ductless comfort system saves you energy, lowers your carbon footprint and also reduces your utility bills. It offers flexibility and versatility in each room. At Airforce Heating and Air, we have the best installers in LaGrange who will walk you through the entire selection process. We offer a free estimate and also always guarantee 100% customer service. Take advantage of our Earth Day special this April on a Carrier ductless air conditioning or heat pump system.

Reasons for a Ductless System –LaGrange

A ductless system consists of an indoor wall mounted unit and also an outdoor compressor. It operates on less power than a traditional air conditioning and heating system and is controlled room by room. Because there is no ductwork, you get clean, filtered air with no loss in efficiency. Airforce Heating and Air is dedicated to delivering year-round comfort to your home and office. If you have added onto your home or office, are turning garage, sunrooms or other spaces with no ductwork into a living space or just want flexibility from one room to another then you want a ductless comfort system. Ductless systems are also great for retirees who no longer use all rooms in their home and for rooms that are in need of extra support like a bathroom or kitchen.

Benefits of a Carrier HVAC –LaGrange

At Airforce Heating and Air, we know the importance of superior customer service and also quality products. That is why we are proud to be Carrier factory authorized dealers. Carrier has been in the heating and cooling business since the early 1900s and is still leading the path of innovative technologies and therefore is trusted in most homes today. With a Carrier ductless system from Airforce Heating and Air, you will receive many benefits including:

Saves you Money with Lower Utility Bills
Improved Indoor Air Quality
Reduction in Carbon Foot Print Energy Star Ratings
Carrier 10 Year Limited Warranties
Lower Maintenance
Individual Room Control

Airforce Heating and Air–LaGrange

Earth Day is April 22! Airforce Heating and Air wants you to go Green with a new Carrier Ductless System. We offer the highest quality ductless system installation in LaGrange, Georgia. Our staff and technicians are knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy. We offer a free estimate. We will walk you through the entire selection process helping you find the perfect Carrier ductless system for your home or office. Now is the time to have your ductless air conditioning or heat pump installed. Contact us today and start reaping the reward!