HVAC Zone System

HVAC Zone System

What is HVAC Zoning?

Many homes have more than one level or several large areas served by the same heating and air conditioning system. When this occurs, it becomes hard for the unit to maintain temperature.  The unit is only going to truly maintain the temperature of the area immediately surrounding the thermostat. When you have a multi-floor home, hot air will rise, and cold air will fall. This means that the floor that has the thermostat will be at the right temperature, the upstairs will be hotter, and the basement will be cooler. Not much you can do to reverse physics.  An HVAC Zone System will help keep all of the areas at the correct temperature.

Should I add HVAC Zoning to my home?

But you can use zoning to make that one heating and air conditioning system act like 2 or more independent systems. Zoning uses multiple thermostats, a control board, and motorized duct dampers to control how the air flows throughout the ductwork and ultimately the home. With a full zone system combined with variable speed heating and air equipment, you can take control of all those temperature differences.

How does an HVAC Zone System work?

The zone system uses multiple thermostats.  They open and close zone dampers so that the system controls the different areas of the house independently of each other. So, when the main floor reaches the desired temperature, the dampers will shut off air to the main floor but keep sending air upstairs until that area reaches the desired temperature as well.

When a zone system is installed, it will serve different sized areas of the home which means these areas will require varying amounts of air to reach the right temperature. Installing new variable speed heating and air conditioning equipment along with zoning allows the heating and air conditioning system to provide the precise amount of heating and cooling to the right area every time.

Are HVAC Zones the best for my home?

Why not just install more than one heating and cooling system? Sometimes this might be an option, but most times the ductwork of the system is not completely accessible. This means that it’s much easier to use the existing ductwork, variable speed equipment, and zone controls to solve the problem.

If you have multiple floors or hot or cold areas in your home, you do not have to suffer anymore. We offer variable speed equipment and zone control options to make sure your home stays comfortable year-round. We also offer low-interest financing to help you pay for these systems.

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