7 Reasons to Call for Emergency Heating Repair in Newnan, GA

7 Reasons to Call for Emergency Heating Repair in Newnan, GA

If something’s wrong with your furnace, there may be an immediate fire, explosion, or carbon monoxide (CO) hazard. Don’t hesitate to call for emergency heating repair in Newnan, GA. Our team will quickly resolve the issue and restore your family’s safety. 

But it’s important to know when to reach out. Here are 7 reasons to consider your situation an emergency.

1. A Gas, Burning, or Chemical Smell

A slight burning smell is often nothing to worry about. Perhaps some dust has accumulated on the furnace and needs to be cleaned off. However, a rotten egg or sulfur odor means you’re in immediate danger. Evacuate your home and call the fire department. They will shut off the gas for you. The odor is a compound added by gas companies to make natural gas, which has no smell, detectable.

A metallic burning odor means your furnace is getting too hot; turn it off to avoid additional damage and call a repair technician. If there is a chemical smell, the heat exchanger may be cracked (and carbon monoxide may be leaking). Call for help if there’s an odor similar to formaldehyde.

2. Your Heating System Won’t Turn On

If it’s cold and your heater isn’t working, first check whether the furnace is switched off or unplugged. Turn it on or plug it in as necessary. Also, check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If this happens often, an electrical component may be faulty and must be fixed immediately. 

However, if the unit is on and powered, check the thermostat setting. If it’s set to a temperature higher than the current indoor temperature, adjust accordingly and see if the furnace turns on. When all these factors have been considered and your furnace still isn’t working, call for emergency repair.

3. You Can’t Turn Your Furnace Off

Your furnace should cycle on and off at regular intervals. If it continues running and the thermostat reads a temperature well above its setting, you’re not only wasting fuel and energy but may be in danger. Turn the thermostat off and call for help. In this situation, your home could get very warm very fast.

4. The Furnace Overheats

A sensor should turn the unit off if it starts overheating. However, this sensor can fail. There won’t be anything to tell the furnace it’s overheating, possibly causing it to break down or catch fire. A common reason for overheating is a dirty filter or debris in the furnace. This can be easily fixed but you must be on the lookout for such issues to prevent trouble.

5. The Carbon Monoxide Alarm Is Triggered

If your CO alarm is making noise and you have a natural gas, propane, or oil-powered furnace, leave your house and, once you reach a safe distance, call your HVAC company or 911. While carbon monoxide is invisible, odorless, and tasteless, the gas can quickly make you sick or render you unconscious.

6. There’s Noise You Never Heard Before

Every once in a while, you’ll hear noise from your heater. Noises that become louder, more repetitive, and more frequent are causes for concern. Call for heating repair in Newnan, GA, if your furnace is grinding. This can signal worn bearings or a damaged motor. If a motor or blower wheel is loose, you may hear a thumping noise. Rumbling after a heating cycle means fuel is still burning. Frequent, loud popping can mean the heat exchanger is cracked.

7. The Thermostat Isn’t Working

A thermostat problem can prevent your furnace from providing heat. It’s sometimes hard to know what’s causing the issue. Call for emergency service so a technician can determine if the thermostat is disconnected, decalibrated, or broken. Thermostat repairs require some electrical work but aren’t difficult for a professional. They can usually resolve the issue quickly.

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