The Ins and Outs of Residential HVAC Replacement in Sharpsburg, GA

The Ins and Outs of Residential HVAC Replacement in Sharpsburg, GA

As great as they are in serving our homes, air conditioners eventually wear out and require a replacement. If you’re one of those homeowners considering replacing your HVAC system in preparation for the summer, you’re not alone. After all, as time goes on, HVAC systems become less efficient and more prone to breakdowns, making replacement necessary. But what should you expect during the replacement process? In this blog, we’ll explore the key elements of executing a residential HVAC replacement in Sharpsburg, GA, so you know what to expect.

  1. Evaluation and Planning

The first step in replacing your HVAC system is to assess your current system and plan for the replacement. As your HVAC technician looks over your old AC and plans the installation of the new one, they will consider the size of your home, your energy needs, and your budget to determine the best AC replacement for your home. 

During this time, your HVAC technician will also assess your existing ductwork. They will check to be sure that it can be used with your new system and make any suggestions for possible repairs, duct sealant services, or even replacements, if necessary.

  1. Removal of the Old System

With the assessment complete and an installation plan in place, the technician will remove the old HVAC system. This process is fairly lengthy and critical as it involves disconnecting the system from the ductwork, disconnecting the electrical wiring, and removing the unit from your home. We do not recommend taking this project into your own hands because the many components involved in a residential HVAC replacement in Sharpsburg, GA are fairly difficult to manage without the proper education and training. This entire removal of the old system is normally completed in one day but may take longer for more complex systems or larger homes.

  1. Installation of the New System

Once the old HVAC system has been removed, the new one will be installed. The technician will take extra care mounting the new unit, connecting it to the ductwork, and wiring it into your electrical system. During this process, the HVAC technician will frequently reference and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the system is installed correctly and safely. Proper installation of an AC unit will greatly impact its efficiency and overall function. One incorrect placement of a wire or other component will result in unnecessary repairs and poor efficiency down the line. 

  1. Upgrading the Ductwork

Ductwork is heavily considered during an HVAC replacement in Sharpsburg, GA because it is the path for the air to flow to the home. If the technician finds that your existing ductwork is incompatible with your new HVAC system, it will need to be upgraded or replaced. This is an extensive level of work that requires installing the new ductwork in your attic or crawl space. Sometimes, this process requires the technician to reroute the existing ducts to accommodate the new system. HVAC technicians will carefully evaluate your ductwork and make recommendations based on their findings.

  1. Final Inspection and Testing

Once the new HVAC system and ductwork are installed, your HVAC technician will conduct a final inspection and testing to ensure the system is functioning properly. At this final step, the installation technician will follow a checklist that involves inspecting the following aspects of their work: 

  • Ductwork
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Refrigerant Lines
  • Airflow
  • Condensate Drainage
  • Thermostat and Controls 
  • Combustion Safety

Upon ensuring that each of these components is installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, the technician will let the unit run for a bit to test it for its overall function. 

  1. Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Ongoing maintenance is critical for your residential HVAC replacement to last.  Your HVAC technician will provide instructions on how to do some of the basic maintenance yourself, while also encouraging you to set up regular tune-ups to maintain your new system. Maintenance includes changing the air filters, programming the thermostat, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

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