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Indoor Air Quality Solutions in LaGrange That We Offer

Since we spend so much time indoors, indoor air quality has a profound effect on our comfort, health, and well-being. Clean air helps us breathe easier and can protect against a variety of conditions, including respiratory illnesses. While HVAC maintenance is important, we offer a range of indoor air quality solutions in LaGrange, GA, that can purify and filter air and help your heating and cooling system work better.

Some of the most effective options include:

Ionization Systems

Used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, ionization technology generates a plasma field via an electric charge. This creates positive ions that attach to viruses, bacteria, and other particles as well as gas molecules in the air. The ions deplete the hydrogen that microorganisms need to live. Particles can then be aggregated and filtered.

Air Purifiers/Air Cleaners

We use extremely efficient air quality solutions from Carrier. These indoor air quality solutions in LaGrange represent some of the most effective options available, such as:

  • Air Purifiers: To achieve pure indoor air, it must be free of viruses, bacteria, and mold, which our air purifiers are effective at capturing and removing. They combine an internal filter and fan to remove unwanted particles and circulate purified air back into the room.
  • Air Filters: High-efficiency filters trap various types of air pollutants, leaving your indoor air free of dust, pollen, smoke, and other possible irritants, so you feel better and more comfortable.
  • Energy-Recovery Ventilators: Captures air exhausted from your home to create energy for your ventilation system and also treats this air before it returns indoors. Similarly, a heat recovery ventilator draws in air from outside to replace stale air.
  • UV Lamps: Emit ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and other germs as well as mold. Our technicians are skilled in properly installing UV lamps to protect your ducts and AC coils. 
  • Humidifiers: Many people don’t realize how humidity impacts indoor air quality. While high humidity levels aren’t desirable, dryness can exacerbate allergies. Installing a humidifier can make it easier to breathe.

HVAC Maintenance Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality

The condition of your HVAC system directly affects indoor air quality. Air Force Heating & Air provides air conditioner maintenance, including changing air filters, cleaning coils, and cleaning and sealing air ducts. Furnace cleaning is also important as pollutants from your furnace can be hazardous to your health and, in some cases, deadly. 

Not sure if you have an air quality problem? We provide indoor air quality testing to determine what pollutants are present and in what quantities. Air quality monitoring solutions are available as well, so pollutant levels can be monitored over time.

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