HVAC Zoning And The Benefits

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HVAC Zoning Benefits

Nearly all our clients here in LaGrange can benefit from installing HVAC zoning in their homes. HVAC zoning can give you the ability to control the temperatures in different areas (or zones) of your home. If you’re looking for a better way to heat and cool your home, consider the many benefits of zoning.

What Exactly is It?

HVAC zoning systems use dampers to control the airflow to different areas of your house. Each different zone is controlled by its own thermostat. This means you can choose which rooms are heated and cooled, and when./

Homeowners with multiple ductless units can also take advantage of HVAC zoning. By using a special thermostat or remote control, you can control the temperature in each zone in your house.

HVAC Zoning Can Improve Your Comfort

The most common reason why homeowners choose zoning is that it can improve their home’s comfort. Installing a zoning system allows you to keep certain zones warmer or cooler than others. These systems can often be managed by smartphone apps, which gives you even more control.

Zoning Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Another sizeable benefit of zoning is that it can improve your home’s indoor air quality. With traditional HVAC systems, pet dander, dirt, dust, and allergens can easily move throughout your house. By installing a zoning system, allergens and contaminants can’t freely move around. This means you can address the issue much more effectively.

Save You Money

Finally, HVAC zoning can also save you money. These systems give you the ability to cease (or reduce) the air going to specific rooms or zones. This saves energy and can save you money on your bills.

In addition, if you have multiple floors in your home, zoning can also save you money.  Zoning systems can help you properly heat the lower floors during the winter and cool the upper floors throughout the summer.

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