Common Questions Answered About Refrigerant Fluid

Common Questions Answered About Refrigerant Fluid

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is a compilation of electric and mechanical components that come together to provide the home with that cooling comfort we all need during the summer. Any air conditioning unit is generally consisted of the following common components: 

  • Compressor: compresses the refrigerant fluid into a gas
  • Condenser: receives high pressure, high temperature refrigerant gas and releases the heat to the outdoor environment
  • Expansion valve: regulates the flow of the refrigerant fluid throughout the unit
  • Air handler and blower: circulate the air through the home
  • Ductwork: a network of ducts installed throughout the home that help facilitate the air to each room. 

Perhaps you noticed a common theme here that ties almost every part together and that is the role of refrigerant fluid. As the top HVAC contractors in GA, we want to answer some of the most common questions we get about this important fluid. 

What is refrigerant fluid?

Refrigerant fluid is a chemical substance that turns from liquid to gas as it circulates through the air conditioner. This fluid is what makes both heating and cooling possible, providing the much needed comfort in our homes. 

Is refrigerant harmful?

Refrigerant fluid is extremely harmful. In fact, I’m most cases, it is very poisonous. For this reason, we recommend that you contact an HVAC contractor in GA for help with any issues related to it. Plus, most states require that a certified tech handles it anyways. In general, you always want to be sure that an HVAC tech works on all repairs because:

They are licensed and certified

There’s nothing more critical and complex in a home than its air conditioner. Well, maybe the electrical system can rival it; which is why professionals are needed for both. HVAC contractors are highly trained and rigorously tested to ensure that they are able to safely diagnose and repair a problem. With a pro on hand, your problem will be solved quickly and effortlessly. Plus, you will have a guarantee towards a resolution. 

They can do the job safely

Safety is a big concern when it comes to refrigerant fluid because it is so toxic. The AC techs from the Air Force are always equipped with all the gear required for a safe repair. 

They will follow all state and local building codes 

Because any refrigerant fluid issue can quickly turn into a hazardous situation, many local and state ordinances have a specific set of codes surrounding its handling. HVAC contractors in GA are fully aware of these laws and will ensure that they are followed to a tee. 

Is refrigerant the same as Freon?

Many people refer to refrigerants as Freon while others use these two terms interchangeably. Though doing so is tempting, it is often misleading because Freon is just the brand name of the refrigerant fluid. Freon is just one type of refrigerant other than there that is used in other capacities.

How to tell the refrigerant fluid is low in the AC?

Low levels of refrigerant fluid are commonly detected by a specific tool used by AC techs. However, you can also look for these signs that indicate this issue:

  • Puddles of liquid around the unit
  • High energy bills
  • Inconsistent heating or cooling
  • Poor airflow or lack thereof
  • Warm air blowing through the vents 

What is the new refrigerant of 2023?

Up until this year, many air conditioners in the United States have been run on the refrigerant type R-410a. Because of its harmful effects on the earth’s ozone layer, it is now being banned from further production. A more environmentally friendly alternative is being introduced, which is the R-454b. Because of this change, the price of R-410a is expected to go up with time until it is no longer available on the market. 

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