Comfort Problems

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Comfort Problems

Your home is too hot in the spring and summer. Ahh. The first, most natural thought is that, obviously, there is something wrong with your air conditioner. At Air Force Heating and Air, we take your home comfort seriously.

Except, maybe not. It might be that your system is working perfectly. Humming away as it performs its humble job day in and day out. But it might also be that the pesky issue is being caused by something twisting and turning behind your walls. A monster hiding out of sight. Not a literal monster, fortunately, but a problem in your ductwork. The good news is that this, while less exciting than an otherworldly creature hiding in your home, is significantly easier to deal with.

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Most people picture ductwork as a few tunnels burrowed away in a home. However, ductwork is, in actuality, much more than that: It’s a finely tuned system designed to distribute cool air evenly around your home. Air distribution (also known as ventilation) is a harder job than it may initially sound, as proper duct design will take into account the size of rooms, how many floors the home has, and much more. In the HVAC industry, we use the terms heating load and cooling loads to describe the amount of energy it takes to heat/cool a given space.

All of this means that if the ductwork isn’t working (or designed) properly, cold air from your air conditioner won’t get where it needs to go. Your friendly neighborhood contractor can examine your ductwork to see if that is the culprit causing your discomfort.

Duct Design

A contractor will look at the overall design of the ductwork. This ensures that there is nothing wrong with the underlying blueprint. Moving air on a guided path through ducts needs to be done efficiently. Air may seem weightless and easy to push around, but ventilation is more like a water pipe than a wire that can snake in every direction. Too many turns, too small of duct, or also a number of other causes can slow cold air from the air conditioner; meaning less of it reaches its intended target.

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